“The Ibizan life, casual and natural, inspires Pepa Bonett in the design of her adlib fashion collection.”



Fashion adlib en Pepa Bonett

Pepa Bonett is a prestigious clothing designer of adlib fashion, a natural and casual fashion inspired by natural fabrics and fresh colours that are perfectly suited to the Island life. We design our own Ibizan clothing hand made by Pepa Bonett and we make our own designs to later distribute them as adlib clothing wholesale. Visit our complete catalogue of Ibizan clothes with various designs and styles for men, women and the little ones.

Ibizan wedding dresses, Ibiza fashion

We are also responsible for the design of your wedding dress within our adlib clothing design style. Ibizan wedding dresses in Pepa Bonett, an Ibiza fashion wedding dress for her most important day too! Get in contact with us and find out more with no strings attached.

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