About Pepa Bonett

The Ibizan life, casual and natural, inspires Pepa Bonett in the design of her adlib fashion collection.

Pepa Bonett is an Ibician clothing designer of adlib fashion, a natural and casual fashion inspired by natural fabrics and fresh colours that are perfectly suited to the Island life.

For the production of our models, we use natural cotton fabrics that are previously hand-dyed.Freshly coloured  garment made of natural fabrics, that suit the island life style perfectly, but that are progressively being introduced in the big cities… An invitation to scape monotony and, why not, forget about the chaos. 


The garments of Pepa Bonett, perfectly reflect the philosophy of the famous Adlib fashion. Beautiful and elegant designs fit for any occasion

The Adlib fashion It is one of the most popular cultural samples of Ibiza and Pepa Bonett It is without a doubt one of the designers that best represents it in and out of the island.

There are many years that Bonett has been dedicating in body and soul to this beautiful profession and the Dedication and affection That prints on each of his garments is intuited from the first glance.

As it could not be otherwise, in their collections predominate the Natural Cotton fabrics. Billowing garments with precious embroidery and details That bring them a unique touch.

Of course, the White color is the protagonist, however, Pepa Bonett has been able to incorporate his beautiful pieces Much more eye-catching tones like red, blue or even yellow, which give the tradition a renewed air. Pieces that Dye by hand In order to get the most vibrant colors.

Although his Main collection Focuses on the Woman, make also garments For men, without forgetting the little ones, for those who have designs that adapt perfectly to their habits.
Trousers, shirts, skirts, dresses, blouses, tops … Your catalog is the most complete and, whatever your style, You will always find that model that enhances your natural beauty For something the Adlib feels good to everyone!

Its shops are full of Comfortable and elegant clothes on par, for day to day and for those events that require a much more formal dress code. You will also be able to have different Accessories such as belts, necklaces or capes That will finish an impeccable look and 100% Ibizan.

Within a style as marked as the Adlib, the work of Pepa Bonett is Constantly evolving to adapt to the latest trends. Such is the fame that has acquired the Ibizan Fashion in the world of weddings That the designer wanted to be part of it how? Taking charge of the design of your wedding dress. You just have to get in touch with your team and take care of everything so that you just have to worry about enjoying one of the most special days of your life. And, to further facilitate the purchase work, you can access your Shop online, where you can choose from a myriad of products.

If you plan to take A good memory of Ibiza Or simply dazzle with this increasingly appreciated and extended style, visit Pepa Bonett and let them help you find that garment that will quickly become a must in your closet.

PEPABONETT 2017 collection

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